Zara Collins

Hey Gurl - group exhibition

Curated by Kimberley Peel, Hey Gurl is a group exhibition of female artists' exploring female identity and gender politics. A zine will also be produced in conjunction with the exhibition. 

Exhibition opens 20 - 31 July 2017
Gaffa Gallery
281 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW  2000

Curatorial Project: Aesthetic Uncertainties

I am interested in the vagaries of abstract painting and the tension between what the artist chooses to obscure and reveal in their work.  The way artists pass the familiar through abstract filters to diffuse imagery – and how the viewer wishes to deconstruct the intangible to reveal something recognisable. However, not all abstract painting is based on the dissemination of imagery and in this exhibition we unravel the works of a small collection of Australian painters with idiosyncratic sensibilities.

Opens 1 November to 25 November 2017
Stanley Street Gallery

Thank you to David Collins for the use of his image.